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Open Jump

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Jumpy Jump Land Andover, Andover, KS

Current Schedule

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Open jump hours as followed: Andover- Friday’s from 10:00am to 4:00pm.
All three locations Sunday’s from 12:00pm to 1:30pm. No parties will be booked during open jump times

Please note that if there is a staffing shortage or illness due to COVID we may elect to close open jump to any and all building. Please check our official Facebook page or our official website for changes.

We encourage guest to always double check the calendar before you come.
Please check the Open Jump tab. Select the location you want to do come to. Then browse the calendar for listed times we will be open.

Our Open Jump is for children of all ages who want to feel the freedom of jumping for no reason. Make today feel like a holiday by participating in the Open Jump. All Open Jump participants are required to wear socks, hand in a waiver, and be monitored by their parents while in the bounce area.

Pay just $7 to come in and jump to your heart’s delight. Adults are free with paying children.

  • You can get 2 free jumps with the purchase of our Open Jump Value Card. Celebrate the fun by surprising your jumper with 10 jump sessions.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not allow parties during Open Jump. Please do not bring party food, decorations or gifts.

Jumpy Jump Land is closed in June and July to allow our roommates to come in and sell fireworks.

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